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Club history

Our story begins in 2003. The first lacrosse player in Groningen, Reinout Havinga, started the Groningen Lacrosse Vereniging (GLV) ReLAx with some of his friends from the “Groninger Biologen Club” after playing the sport in Engeland. Back then we played mixed lacrosse – a sport for men and women, with no contact whatsoever. 
The first ACLO course became a reality in 2004, and attracted many of the members who would later become the “oudleden” of today.
After meeting an English coach called Steve Kenyon in 2004, the association decided to split up into men’s and women’s lacrosse in 2005. Klaas Niejenhuis and Henriette de Jong played a key role in getting both sports up and running. In the same year national competition was getting started up, and Groningen rose to the forefront of the Dutch lacrosse competition. The women played as the “Groningen Galaxies”, and the men as the “Groningen Gladiators”. 
In 2006, under Auke Dijkstra, the association adopted the board structure that you can still see nowadays, with a president, secretary, treasurer and two VP’s. 
Louis Prins helped grow the sport in the years after that by singlehandedly giving most of the clinics during his two board years. Guido van de Lindeloof started giving practice in these years and is still active in the lacrosse scene nowadays. 
It wasn’t until 2013, the second lustrum, that the association decided to renew itself. By then, the Gladiators were consistently placing in the top 3 and the Galaxies had won the national competition twice. The second lustrum year saw the association grow even further, acquiring its new uniform, name and logo, which we still carry nowadays – Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators!
Men old uniform
Men new uniform
 Since 2015, boards have been working hard alongside G.S.K.V. de Parabool to build a clubhouse. After years of planning, meetings, building and fundraising, it was almost time: the clubhouse was there. On May 19th, 2021 a party was held to officially open the clubhouse.