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The Club


We are THE student lacrosse association in Groningen, founded in 2003!

We have practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. Practice for both the men and the ladies starts at 20:00 and is until 20.00. Competition games are played on Sunday. For this we have to travel across the country to cities like Delft, Enschede or Amsterdam. We participate in the Dutch lacrosse competition.

Of course we do not only play lacrosse;
we also like having fun🙂. We are an incredibly active club, with multiple activities and socials a month! You can always decide for yourself which activities you want to join. For example, we have drinks twice a month, many team activities, as well as club activities! On top of that, we now have our own clubhouse where we can always hangout, play games and have a drink after practice.  


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